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About Amanda

Amanda DePinto is a Chicago based actor and collaborator with a BFA in Acting from Webster Conservatory. She has studied acting in a variety of styles and mediums, both contemporary and classical, on stage and on camera. She was first drawn to theatre through reading the works of Shakespeare, and those continue to have a special place in her heart. 


Amanda believes storytelling has the power to unify and open minds through empathy. Theatre challenges audiences to realize that despite their differences, there are always shared experiences and shared humanity. This is such an important reminder given the divisiveness of the world. 


Amanda has always felt empowered by work that centers the strength and resilience of women and allows them to explore femininity outside of social expectation. It brings her a lot of joy to collaborate on projects such as these, where women are given the space to make their unique stories and voices heard. Feminism and advocacy are central to Amanda’s ongoing work. 

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